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Oct 23, 2012 8:00pm EDT
growing latino population which is about one-third of all catholics. in 2008, a majority of white catholics voted for john mccain but two-thirds of latino catholics voted for barack obama. republicans have strong support among those catholics who attend religious services often democrats have strong support among the so-called nominal or cultural catholic. indeed in 2008 john mccain won 51% of weekly church attending catholics, obama's catholic majority was anchored by the strong support from 0 nation -- occasional and non-church attending catholics. for the 2012 election, it is likely that the divide between the observe end and the nominal catholics will grow as president obama's policy on contraception, u.s. aid for international family planning organizations, and other social issues have driven a deep wedge within the catholic community. mitt romney appeals to white church going catholics bots of -- because of the social conservative view. the religious identity for them appears simply does not matter. a new survey being released tomorrow suggests that a key to the outcome of t
Oct 9, 2012 8:00pm EDT
mention. the diversification of our group in brazil we saw 26%. and mexico 12, another latino country 6%. that is all for% in the emerging market. we have roughly speaking half of our earnings. the rest diversified in countries such as the u.s., u.k. or germany. that means diversification is their kiosk pectin understanding under the resilience against the crisis. the fact of having a decentralized city area, means that if any crisis were to happen in one of the markets in which we are, we are able to have a firewall around this element of christ is, affecting by the investment in those countries but that the spillover impact. when we present to the bank of spain, we underline the bank of spain, as one of the great bear. they standalone independent said series. with the fact of having the banking operation with the largest branch of the world give us access to stable liquidity dependent on financial market. we find ourselves basically the banking obligation, another interesting feature. to the extent, it is likely about 100% of 170%, which is practically funding our assets and with a ve
Oct 15, 2012 8:30pm EDT
people do. goes to an entirely black or latino school who becomes vice president she has proven that they foster [inaudible] and that is how i understood their plan. but it is not just giving you a plus because of race. it is combining that with other factors to leadership. >> leadership is an independent actor. he's getting that because of his independent leadership. race is an independent add-on, it can be used to boost the pai for the pas element. it gives disparate treatment to asian-americans and to the extent, depends on the classroom factor. there is simply no way to relate what they are doing to the solution of the problem, which they used as a major foundation of their proposal, which is the non-diverse clasroom. certainly there is no correspondents there in a few in my time as a for two overriding reasons, they are holding this court is approved and the harvard plan. >> i had put that in the category, it is now clear the way that he says. in achieving an interest that is compelling. the universities interest in assembling a broadly diverse body. >> what exactly do thes
Oct 4, 2012 8:00pm EDT
% employment -- unemployment rate. about 50% of our population is latino mostly puerto rican descent and a diversity as well. so i got elected last november. there were four of us running in the election. and nonpartisan race on the local level so the top vote getters faced off against each other in november. i won with 53% of the vote and i became mayor in january at the age of 22. then i turned 23 and i will be 24 and january so i'm quickly getting up there. [laughter] is a very stressful job but also very very rewarding. there is nothing more special than being a mayor in a city that you were born and where your family still lives in your friends are there and the school that you want to is distill their and your teachers are oftentimes still teaching the public schools. given my age -- it's been a rewarding experience and we are forecast on four different issues in particular, that is education. with a 53% graduation rate over four years so a lot of urban centers around the country. we do have challenges around education and their graduation rate. economic development like i said
Oct 24, 2012 8:00pm EDT
it was attacks on veterans to speak about their military service or whether it is his discussions of latinos being dependent on government the way african-americans are or his attack on the president. i am proud of my military service ended as part of who i am and it's how i conduct myself. i've i have served my nation honorably. the real heroes are the men who saved me and every day i get up and work every day to serve my nation because i've had to make sure that i make the most of the second chapter of the life i have and carry myself with the responsibility. the military is about the mission. it's about getting the job done and making sure we come together and this hyperpartisan vitriol that comes out, and my opponent is known for that. in fact the "chicago tribune" when they endorse me said he is a hyperpartisan make a mouth. we don't need that in washington. walsh: at the beginning of every town hall to recognize those who have served and i've called them heroes because they are and i have called ms. duckworth a hero. the point i voiced it to make is this great country struggling right
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5